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Mcage 5-Tiers Hamster House Small Animal Habitat Cage with Running Wheel Hide House Crossover Tube Water Bottle Feeder Bowl Ladder

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  • 【Large 5-Tiers Animal Habitat】White Wire Body With 3-Inch Deep Blue Base; 4 solid plastic floors with 4 Ladders; 2 front doors; Cage May Connect to Other Cage With Extra Tubes
  • 【Overall Size: L20 x W12 x H29"】; 【Cage Size: L18 x W12 x H23-inches】
  • Includes solid mezzanines, ladders, water bottle, play tubes, food bowl, hide house and exercise wheel.
  • 【Bar space: 3/8-Inch】 ; 3-Inch deep blue base; 【Easy to setup without tools】
  • Keep your hamsters, gerbils, mouse or mice happy and secure in their own Deluxe Hamster Mansion.