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Hamster House - Guinea Pig Hideout Wooden 12.612.65 Inches Small Animals House Chinchilla Rat Accessories

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  • 1.Size. The hamster house is 12.6 * 12.6 * 5 inches long, 12.6 * 5 inches high, the hole diameter is 2.3 inches, and the whole small animal cage is 2 pounds.
  • 2.Safe space. The hamster cages adopts mortise and tenon structure, which is firm and free of nails. The edge is polished with frosted paper without burrs, so that your lovely pet can bite at ease.
  • 3.Easy to use. The whole guinea pig hideout is easy to install. There are grooves on the top for easy fixation. You can install it as an "L" three bedroom or a long square two bedroom.
  • 4.Easy to clean. It is easy to disassemble. The upper cover can be removed at will to clean the inside of the hamster nest and keep it clean and tidy.
  • 5.Space is interlinked. The hamster accessories has no floor, and each room is connected. Your little hamster can make a hole through a small partition or through the bottom to make your pet's life rich and interesting.