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Ferplast Cavie Guinea Pig Cage & Rabbit Cage | Pet Cage Includes All Accessories to Get You Started & a 1-Year Warranty

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  • Fully equipped rabbit cage | cavie rabbit cage is a great starter home for a rabbit & includes a food dish, hay feeder, water bottle & Large hide-out
  • Easy maintenance rabbit cage | FRONT & side doors Fully open for quick cleaning access and the deep 6-inch base contains litter & other debris inside the rabbit cage. To dump litter Simply un-latch top of cage and remove base
  • Great rabbit starter cage | rabbit cage measures 37.4L x 22.4W x 18.1H inches, deep base measures 30.3L x 18.5W x 6H, wire mesh is 1W x 10L inches
  • Versatile pet cage | This Rabbit cage is also an ideal choice as a guinea Pig cage & a hedgehog cage

The cavie rabbit cage 100 is a great starter cage for new rabbit parents. Each rabbit cage includes a food dish, water bottle, plastic hay feeder and a built-in rabbit "hide-away". This Rabbit cage is also ideal for hedgehogs & guinea pigs. The deep 6-inch base contains litter and the entire base of the cage can detach from the metal top making dumping litter & other debris A breeze. The top front/ side portion of the cage fully opens for easy access to your rabbit or cleaning. This Rabbit cage measures 37.4L x 22.4W x 18.1H and the metal mesh on the top portion of the cage is 1W x 10L inches. Each rabbit cage comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer. Wall-to-wall opening front door and removable base, so you can easily clean your guinea pig’s home.