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Cat Scratching Pad, Cat House Cardboard, Cat Scratcher Furniture

Cat Scratching Pad, Cat House Cardboard, Cat Scratcher Furniture

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  • Cat Scratching Pad
  • Cat House Cardboard

The cute box is perfect as a napping box when your kitty wants to rest. Moreover, the cat scratch box saves the debris of pads and keeps home clean.

Wooden model cat scratching board

Color: wood color

Material: New Zealand pine, high strength corrugated cardboard

Product size: 20.5(L)*12.5(W)*10.53(H)inch

1. Two wooden boards with a thickness of 7mm, trapezoidal windows with two rounded corners on both sides, and a window height of 7cm;

2. Four pine sticks, each with a length of 30cm and a diameter of 15mm; a total of three pieces of high-strength corrugated cardboard (160*50*160*100) with a thickness of 3cm;

3. The size of the bottom cardboard: 45(L)*30(W)cm, the size of the roof cardboard: 30(L)*30(W)cm, the size of the front cardboard: 30(L)*9(W)cm;

Miscellaneous: Wheel and door line drawings are engraved on the outside of the two planks.


1. The product bears 10kg;

2. The product contains a full English instruction manual.

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