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Aygrochy Reptile Heat Lamp, 100W and Clamp Lamp Light with 8.5" Detachable Aluminum Reflector, 6 Feet Cord, Digital Thermometer

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  • 【PERFECT HEAT SOURCE】This ceramic heat emitter bulb is the perfect 24 hours heat source for reptiles and amphibians. It doesn't emit any visible light,so it won't disturb your pet's sleep. It could last 9000-15000 hours, even longer.
  • 【PRACTICAL】The reflective definitely improves efficiency of a ceramic heating lamps and the metal shroud can detached from the base.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATIONS】The pet heating lamp could be used for turtles, lighting aquarium fish, lizards, snakes, spiders, rabbits,birds etc., compatible with E27 bulb.
  • 【PACKAGE INCLUDE】100W ceramic heat bulb, clamp lamp light with 8.5 inch aluminum reflector and digital thermometer
  • 【WARNING】The surface temperature of the bulb is very high when working, please do not touch it by hand.

Aygrochy clamp light is made of reflective aluminum material, which has good reflection effect. It can be used for common lighting in rooms, garages, art studios or by photographic light, etc. It can also be used as perfect 24 hour heat source match with heat lamp.
The reptile heat lamp with flat-faced design, infrared ceramic heating non-light lamps,has 99% high thermal efficiency and never disturb animals sleep.

Infrared Ceramic Reptile Heat Bulb Specifications
Socket: E26
Volt: AC 110-120V
Watts: 100W
Material: ceramic, NiCrAl
Diameter of heating surface: 2.7 inch

1. Lamp surface temperature is too high, do not directly touch during it works;
2. Before remove it from fixture, please allow at least 1 hour for cool to avoid scald ;
3. Accidents may happen due to improper operation so please use it in a right way and avoid using in damp environment;
4. Please adjust the distance between the lamp and the pets, at least 15 inch;
5. Please away from combustible or explosive materials;

Clamp Light Specifications
Volt: 120V
Watt: Accepts up to 150W bulb (E26)
Reflector Diameter: 8.5 inch
Cord: 6 feet