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Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape Provides Cat Scratch Prevention for Furniture, Carpet and More (3 Inches X 30 Yards)

Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape Provides Cat Scratch Prevention for Furniture, Carpet and More (3 Inches X 30 Yards)

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  • SAVE FURNITURE: Helps train your cat to stay off furniture due to the sticky feeling of the adhesive. Kitty proof your sofas, beds, tables and other furnishings from scratches, claw marks and cat hair with this behavior correction repellent system.
  • SAFE AND TOXIC FREE: Our antiscratch cat furniture protector shield guard is made of medical-grade adhesive which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It will not harm fabric and is 100% safe for humans and pets.
  • QUALITY: Crystal clear and strong double-sided sticky adhesive strips blend perfectly with the color of your furniture. Completely safe for your pets and furniture.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Peel and adhere to where your cat scratches. It’s the easiest way to save sofas, couches, leather, beds, tables, doorways, countertop, screen porches and more.
  • MULTIPURPOSE APPLICATIONS: This heavy duty adhesive can be also used as general double-sided tape for applications such as bonding, holding, mounting, splicing and packaging.

Felines stretch their muscles and keep themselves active and well-exercised by scratching their nails on something. The process comes naturally to them and it's a healthy act which shouldn't be discouraged as scratching maintains the condition of the cat's nails. Anti-scratch cat training tape for furniture is the ideal solution to your problem! Simply apply the adhesive to whatever surface your cat prefers to jump on, regardless of the material it's made out of. Our tape is perfect not only for soft fabrics like sofas and armchairs, but also for hard surfaces like tables, stools, doors and counter tops. Our cat scratch guard is made of transparent tape, which will stick to almost any surface without leaving a visible trace. It will make the surface undesirable to your cat due to the sticky feeling. Once your cat has gotten the idea that said surface is unpleasant and unappealing, you can easily remove the transparent tape. Cat scratch guards are made of a medical-grade adhesive which is toxic-free and 100% safe for both humans and pets. It will not damage any surface. The crystal clear cat furniture protector is meant to be as invisible as possible.

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