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5 Level Critter Cage with Feeder, Small Animal Hamster Cage Hutch for Ferret Bunny Indoor Outdoor

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  • šŸ˜› Habitat that provides everything you need for safely housing a small animal such as a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, ferret, or a chinchilla.
  • šŸ˜› Full-width top & front doors on rat small animal cage and removable shelf provide maximum accessibility for easy cleaning & feeding.
  • šŸ˜› XL Rabbit Cage measures 23.6 L x 15.7 W x 55.1 H inches providing a large living space & maximum comfort. Quality wood constructions allow pets to fulfill their instinct to climb & explore in a secure environment.
  • šŸ˜› Guinea Pig Cage come with durable, leak proof, washable and easily slide out plastic tray allows for easy care and maintenance while providing traction and protection for guinea pig's sensitive feet.
  • šŸ˜› Ferret cage made of fully painted fir wood frame, round corner design ensures no sharp points, which protects both pets and owners.