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2-Tier Hamster Cage with Crossover Tunnels Tubes, Transparent Durable Small Animal Cage and Habitats House, Include Exercise Wheel, Water Bottle, Hamster Hideout, Food Bowl

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  • 🍑Size | 13.2" L x 8.9" W x 15.7" H. Hamster cages features fun tubes to promote hamster exploration of their habitat, playful & healthy. 2-story construction provides a huge space for your small critter to exercise, relax and explore. Easy to clean and designed to provide excellent air circulation. Fully transparent for your viewing from multiple angles and at any time.
  • 🍅Application | It fits Robo Hamster, Fat-tailed Gerbil, Teddy Bear Hamster, Dwarf Hamster, Gerbils and other small hamsters. Ensure an ideal living environment inside for small animal like syrian hamsters, mice, gerbils, mouse,rat, etc.
  • 🍇Abundant accessories | The hamster cages and habitats is fully equipped with hamster wheel, tubes tunnel, ladder, water bottle, hamster hideout, hamster feeder bowl, seesaw, external bathroom. Play tube tunnel system adds more fun and allows your small pet to move freely from first floor to second floor. You can use your imagination freely and place accessories at will to create your own cage.
  • 🍈Easy to Clean Rat Cage | Pull-out plastic tray on each floor for easily cleaning the hamster bedding. The gerbil cage is waterproof and durable, can be washed directly with water. Easily keep the hamster home clean and hygienic. Comes with a convenient handle on the top so that you can move the cage easily.
  • 🍊Quality material | The main body of the hamster cage is made of acrylic macro-molecular material, which is highly stable and has excellent transparency.There are dozens of holes on each side of the cage to enhance air permeability.It has a good transparency and allows you observe and watch the daily activities of your small critter, especially fun for kids.