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M&M Bird Toys

1563 Tutu Chew Three Natural Shredding Sola Mandarin Bird Toys by M&M

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Count Per Pack
  • Height: (7) inches
  • Width: (3.25) or (3 1/4) inches
  • Weight: Under (3) ounces
  • 100% bird safe
  • Handmade in our small shop

The 1563 Tutu Chew Three from M&M Bird Toys are super shreddable small sized bird toys. These absolutely delightful toys have an easy to grab shredding design. This pack includes (3) of the 1561 Tutu Chew toys. This bird toy includes a small size fast link connector on the top for easy hanging in the aviary. From this connector a bird safe sturdy metal wire loops around and hangs through the middle of the toy. This wire works as the toys backbone and supports all of the other parts on the toy. On the bottom this wire has a small loop and hangs a small metal bell. This metal bell makes pleasant bird enchanting sounds when the toy is interacted with.
On top this wire has been adorned with (2) natural wooden beads and a colorful plastic tube. These adornments rest on top of the sola ball body. This ball piece is made from the sola plant stem, is natural and ready to shred. Around the sola ball ontop and bottom are alluring shreddable cup cake cups of different brightly colored designs. Underneath the bottom cup cake are a few small pieces of shreddy cardboard that sit above the metal bell.

This inviting bird toy has lightweight easy to grab parts. Pets will be able to grip and hold onto the toys cup cakes while digging into the chewable sola ball. The bright colors look wonderful in cages making this toy even more enticing. A perfectly awesome shredding toy for small to medium sized birds.

This pack includes (3) of the 1561 Tutu Chew Bird Toy. This bird toy ships in bright assorted bird pleasing colors for the plastic straw and bright assorted designs for the cup cake cups.