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Rex Specs

Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles (Large, Tazer Teal)

Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles (Large, Tazer Teal)

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  • Breathable Mesh: Allows air to pass through and moisture to escape to reduce fogging, and water to escape after a swim.
  • Spherical Lens: Provides an improved field of view, optical clarity, a wider peripheral vision, and ample room for ventilation and whiskers.
  • Durable Frame: Holds up to the wear and tear you can expect from the most active dogs.
  • Impact Resistant: Polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof and designed to protect against larger objects that can cause blunt eye trauma and fine particles that can irritate eyes.
  • Strap System: The fully adjustable strap system is easy to adjust, allows for increased stability and a full range of motion, and can be tailored-fit to any dog.

Product Description

Better Fit, Improved Protection

Blocks Harmful UV Rays, Protects Against Blunt Eye Injury Danger

The redesigned V2 Goggle from Rex Specs takes a whole new look at eye protection for dogs. Whether your dog currently suffers from a degenerative condition like Pannus, or you want to provide protection for your dog from sun and harmful objects, the V2 goggle is designed to block UV rays, be impact resistant, and go wherever your dog goes with a water-friendly construction. See how the V2 Goggle from Rex Specs can make your adventures safer without impeding your dog’s sight.

Performance Features

UV 400

Just like in high-quality human eyewear, our UV 400 lenses block 99.9% of both UVA and UVB light. Both our tinted and clear lenses have a UV 400 coating to protect your dog’s eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. From short walks in the neighborhood to big adventures in the mountains, our UV 400 lenses will give your dog the sun protection they need.

Impact Resistant

It’s a dog’s job to play hard, so we’ve made sure their eyes are protected with our impact-resistant lenses. It’s not just military dogs and hunting dogs working in the toughest conditions that need the added security of a shatter-proof lens. These polycarbonate lenses protect fragile eyes during adventures big and small, whether your dog has the zoomies in the backyard or is chasing your bike on singletrack.

Spherical Lens

We took the favorite lens of snow, mountain bike, and motorsports athletes and adapted it to canines’ unique facial and vision properties. The spherical lens already provides a wider field of view, so we expanded it for dogs’ 220-290 degree peripheral. And the extra volume of the spherical design allows for better ventilation and room for whiskers.

Durable Frame

The V2’s TPE frame stands up to brush, rocks, and even teeth. Our dogs join us in the mountains throughout the year, trail running, backpacking, backcountry skiing, and swimming, so we needed goggles that would perform like the best human outdoor gear, and survive the added abuse that’s unique to dogs.

Breathable Mesh

The breathable mesh vent allows moisture and air to pass through, keeping the goggles from fogging in all but the dampest environments and allowing the frames to drain after a swim. From hot days to romps in the snow, the Breathable Mesh vent helps Rex Specs lenses stay clear.

Foam Edge

The Foam Edge design of the V2 provides a tight seal while improving comfort. Gaps between the goggle and your dog’s face allow dust, debris, and other dangers to bypass the goggle’s protection. With a properly fit goggle and the Foam Edge comfortably aligned with your dog’s face, the V2 can protect as designed.

Strap System

We combined a fully adjustable, dynamic strap system with stretch in the right places so your dog can run, play, and move without restriction. Every dog’s head is different, so the strap system was designed to accommodate long-faced Dobermans and short-faced Boxers alike. And with built-in stretch on the bottom strap, your dog can eat, drink and howl with a full range of motion.

Water Friendly

For many dogs, the best days include playtime in the water, so we designed the V2 with improved Water Friendly features, allowing the goggle to drain and dry quickly. Combining a Breathable Mesh vent on the brow and a quick-dry foam liner, the V2 allows your dog to splash and swim all day, while protecting their eyes.

Life is Better Together

We developed Rex Specs after both of our dogs were diagnosed with conditions made worse by extended sun exposure. Our dogs love our outdoor adventures as much as we do, so we created a dog goggle that not only would protect them against the sun and other dangers to their eyes, but was designed to withstand daily use in rugged environments. Since we launched Rex Specs in 2015, our dog goggles have been adopted by military working dogs, avalanche rescue dogs, around-the-world expedition dogs, and dogs whose biggest adventures are a run in the park.

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