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YKD Chinchilla Wood Suspension Bridge, Hanging Large Small Animal Wooden Bridge Platform, Small Animals Habitat Toy for Chinchillas Sugar Gliders Rats Squirrel

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  • The chinchilla suspension bridge are made of natural wood without paint, it is environmentally friendly, durable, and easy to clean. This platform material is 100% nature wood,which is totally safe for your little pet and also can be chewing toy as well.
  • Perfect decoration of small animal habitat, A perfect decor add-on in the natural habitats theme, stimulate Small animals to exercise and promote their coordination & balance skills when walk, meet Small animals desire of climbing and exploration.
  • Our small animal suspension bridge is easy to install, tighten the nuts in the cage, not easy to drop; toys with metal wing nuts and bolts that hang easily in cages; easy to clean, not prone to odor.
  • Suitable for many small animals, such as chinchilla, squirrels, sugar gliders, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, parrots, etc.
  • A good gift choice for your lovely pet to help alleviate the loneliness of anxiety, play with it when you are not at home.

Product Description

Chinchillas spends a great deal of time on their cage, it’s important to keeps things interesting for your furry little friend. We decided to design a innovative accessory that meets Small animals desire of climbing and exploration. And inspired by the castle style in Europe and the famous bridge from London, finally design a suspension bridge made of wood for small pets! Isn’t it funny to provide your chinchilla with a creative place to jumping, resting and running? A hanging bridge is the best choice for small pet habitat accessory like Chinchilla, Honey Glider and Squirrel!

Now it’s time to turning your chinchilla’s cage into a paradise and a playground with a interested, safety and creative accessory for small pet habitat! A hanging wooden suspension bridge for Chinchilla, Honey Glider, Squirrel.

We use pure wood which is non-toxic and sturdy as main material of hanging bridge for chinchilla. No need to worried about your chinchilla chew on it. Natural wood provides small pets with sense of security and comfort.

Built by the tongue and groove method without nails, fixed by flat head screw which won't hurt your pet's teeth. Easy to assemble and the construction of the suspension bridge is sturdy and well-made. Tighten the nuts in the cage, not easy to collapse; comes with metal wing nuts and bolts that hang easily in cages.

Chinchilla is naturally curious and smart animals, they need to have enough social interaction inside the cage. This bridge is an awesome upgrade to any chinchilla cage. It has 2 exits for your chinchilla getting through easily. Attach the bridge on the top of the cage, let them enjoying the view of the cage when they are walking on the bridge. This wooden bridge is suitable for an adult chinchilla.