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YCTECH Aquarium Gravel Vacuum Cleaner: 6 Watt Automatic Filter Gravel Cleaning | Fish Tank Sand Cleaner | Sludge Extractor | Water Changer | Sand Washing | Dirt Suction

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  • Application: This aquarium electric gravel sand washer is suitable for daily fish tank cleaning or water change maintenance,Suit for freshwater and seawater. Easy To Install And Use
  • Cleaning mode: sand washing mode and suction mode, this sand washing device can effectively clean the sand at the bottom of the fish tank or suck away the excess dirt at the bottom of the fish tank.
  • Water change mode: When using the water change mode, please install the water pipe at the package to easily change the water.
  • Power is 6W, powerful water pump motor can provide the maximum flow of 92 GPH. Suction enough to change water, suck food debris & fish poop out of aquarium quickly. Save your time and reduce fatigue.
  • With Flexible Structure: You Can Adjust The Flexible Hose To Appropriate Length According To Depth Of Your Aquarium to suit for both shallow and deep aquarium,water low level can reach 1.97In - is also equip with soft water hose, it is more easy to empoty the water out or add water.

Brand story:
YCTECH Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and sell company of ,aquarium water pump, Aquarium products such as fish tanks and Heaters ,eletricc water pump, handicraft water pump,
aquarium equipment etc. It has a complete and scientific quality management system. We are a company based on“ quality and innovation”

Quality assurance:
All purchases of the products we manufacture and sell are covered by a lifetime warranty. 24 months warranty, 24 hours customer service online, any questions please contact us at any time.
The algae scrubber features unique handle design, convenient to use, user-friendly design makes people feel relaxed and comfortable when using it.

Q:Does it work on curved or standard tank?
A:Yes it works on both curved and standard tank.

Q:Would this product work on windows?

A:The brush side is made to be used in water. Dry it's likely to cause scratches and streaks.

Q:Not clean enough?
A:You can try using a cloth or a sponge in the middle to get best results or you can clean the brush.

1.When opening the product, rotate the product by 90 degrees with half of each hand and then lift it.
2.When using, put the toothed brush face inside the fish tank, and place the brush face with nap outside the fish tank. When suction, the two need to be dislocated close to the glass, and then gently slide the suction and can be.
3. It is recommended to use the longitudinal moving magnetic brush to clean the fish tank. The longitudinal use of the magnetic brush has the strongest suction.

NOTE: Please choose by the thickness of your fish tank glass and not put the cleaner into seawater for a long time to avoid being corroded when not in use, please wipe it off when not use for a long time, and store after drying.