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Vital Essentials

Vital Cat Freeze Dried Pork Mini Nibs Cat Food, 12 Oz

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  • PORK MINI NIBS - Nothing but real pork, organs and bones to satisfy their natural cravings. Got a kitty who loves a good crunch, then mini nibs are for them!
  • RAW CAT FOOD - Rich in amino acids and vitamins to build strong bones, teeth and less poo, our limited ingredient cat food means a cleaner litter box and happier kitty.
  • FREEZE-DRIED - Our freeze-drying process locks in essential nutrients, enzymes and flavor for a healthy cat food that will keep your kitty in tip-top shape.
  • LIMITED INGREDIENTS - Grain free cat food with no artificial flavors, fillers or rendered by-products. No junk, no fuss. 100% Certified Gluten Free. (Certificate ID 68908, issued by GFCO on 2/4/19)
  • AMERICAN MADE - Proudly made and packaged in the USA to ensure safe, high quality food that meets our strict standards to provide only the best for our furiends.
  • SERVE YOUR WAY - Freeze-dried cat food that makes meal time rewarding, serve it up as a complete and balanced meal, treat or even meal mix-in for a boost of nutrition