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VARMHUS Aquarium Led Light,Fish Tank Light, Plant Light

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  • BUILT-IN TIMER -- Our Fish Tank Clip on Light has a built-in timer, it will start working at the same time every day and light up for 6 hours, 10 hours or 12 hours.
  • RGB Light -- Up graded RGB light beads brighter than others, long life span and energy saving. Ultra bright and full spectrum RGB LEDs for showing vivid colors of aquatic plants and fish, can make your fish tank like a colorful landscape.
  • BUILT-IN DIMMER -- VARMHUS glow fish tank light can adjustable brightness and luminosity. Press "W" (Adjust the intensity of white light) press "B" (Adjust the intensity of blue light) buttons from 1-10 times, adjust brightness from 10% to 100%. Create wonderful waterscapes with different lights.
  • 3 Lighting Modes -- VARMHUS LED fish light with Dimmer has 3 lighting modes. Press switch to change colors : Mode 1 : White (Green & Red & White). Mode2:Blue(Only 3 blue on). Mode3 :RGB(Green & Blue & Red & White), All Color(Green & Blue & Red & White).
  • Easy to Install -- LED fish tank light has a flexible neck that can adjust the angle and position. The 1.6-inch clip is easy to install on the wall of the fish tank up to 1 inch thick. Don't worry about falling, the attached screws ensure its safety, without drilling or cutting.

Product Description

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In VARMHUS, our goal is to provide quality products for our customers. With the expertise in aquarium light, our product not only superior in performance but also make your purchase experience more enjoyable and comfortable anytime and anywhere.

VARMHUS Aquarium Fish Clip on Light

18",3 Lighting Modes,360° Adjustable

VARMHUS clip on aquarium light can adjust the height and angle of the light, as well as the built-in timer function. It is a great chose light for fish tank, turtle tank, reptile tank, pond and so on. It is not only used to illuminate fish tanks and aesthetic lighting, but also show off the fish colors, and meet the light needs of plants.

  • The built-in 24-hour timer/dimmer function,Automatic Lighting On & Off Everyday
  • Brightness Options Divided From 10-100%
  • Adjust the height and angle of the light
  • Bright, energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Convenience to install

VARMHUS Fish Tank Clip on Light

It has 3 lighting modes on the switch: Mode1:White(Green&Red&White).Mode2:Only Blue.Mode3:RGB(Green&Blue&Red&White), All Color(Green&Blue&Red&White). Very bright and Colorful light make your Fish Tank more beautiful.

W key:Press Key W to adjust intensity of white LEDs. A total of 10 cyclic stalls

B key: Press Key B to adjust intensity of blue LEDs. A total of 10 cyclic stalls

Timer key:

6/10/12H Timing Periods Everyday

For example:

If let the aquarium light work at 8 o'clock today morning and set it for 10 hours, it will stop working after 10 hours. And then continue to work at 8 o'clock the next morning, and it will stop working again after 10 hours . . .

3 Lighting Modes

The Fish Tank Light have 3 Lighting Modes.Press switch to change colors: White(Green&Red&White),Blue and RGB all Color(Green&Blue&Red&White).

Adjustable brackets

This adjustable brackets is designed to fit rimless and rim aquariums up to 1".But if your is rim tank, you had to break a little piece of the rim to be able to fit the clamps.The screw that clamps it to the rim can be located on the inside or outside of the tank.

360° Adjustable Neck

Fish Tank Light with a flexible gooseneck, allows you adjust the fish tank light to illuminate from different height and angle.

Thin Solidly Body

The body of the aquarium lamp is made of aluminum alloy instead of plastic, more durable and better for heat dissipation