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Tfwadmx Natural Wooden Hamster Stand Platform Guinea Pigs Climbing Exercise Toy Lookout Platform Gerbil Activity Playground for Squirrel Chinchilla Dwarf Parrot and Small Animals Cage Accessories

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  • 【Create More Space】Wood Platform can be attached to the cage, creating more activity place for small pets in the cage's limited space. You can put hamster toys or food on the wood platform to guide them to use.
  • 【Different Shapes】Our hamster wood platform has two different shapes, one is a round, the other is a rectangle. Different shapes are attractive to small pets. Our product set contains 2 round and 2 rectangular platform, offering two options for small pets.
  • 【Natural Material】Our wood platforms are made of 100% natural wood, durable and environmentally friendly, with no added chemicals. The wood platform is polished to make the surface smooth and look better, which will not cut your pet's feet.
  • 【Easy To Install】Each wood platform is fitted with two bolts and metal gaskets for installation. Bolt mounting allows mounting at different angles. They can be fixed to the cage without the need for additional equipment.
  • 【For Many Small Pets】The round wood platform is measured in 5.91 inch of the diameter and the rectangle wood platform is 2.5*0.47 inch. Both of them is lightweight and practical. Suitable for many small animals, such as hamster, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, rats,etc.