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TEHAUX Dwarf Hamster Travel Cage Habitat, Small Animal Portable Travel Carrier with Accessories Including Exercise Wheel Water Bottle and Food Dish ( Pink )

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  • Small animal travel cage- Portable handle, convenient and simple. Suitable for taking hamsters or raising baby hamsters.
  • The hamster carry- out case is made of high class material, which can withstand the long- term use.
  • This portable hamster cage is breathable for the pet to stay in. Suitable for sightseeing, camping, travel or trips.
  • Portable hamster carrier is suitable for hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, chinchilla, chipmunk, squirrel, hedgehog and other small animals.
  • Portable carrier with wheels is specially designed for pet carrying- out. It comes with water feeding bottle, running wheel, and food cup.