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Popbloom S16 Saltwater LED Aquarium Light Mini Nano Fish Tank Lighting Reef LED Lamp 30W

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  • EASY USE: one remote in hand, simple and smart
  • High PAR: mimic natural light to help corals/reef achieve the best balance.
  • ALL ALUMINUM : upgraded aluminum heat sinks are easy for heat dissipation.
  • FULL FUNCTION: sunrise & sunset, 24 hours auto-running
  • DIY: design the special light with 4 channels

Product Description

Control Way Remote Remote Remote Controller
Cooling Way Fanless Shell Fan Fanless Shell Fan
Watt 30W±5% 90W±5% 60W±5% 90W±5%
LEDs for penetration 21pcs 33pcs 21pcs 33pcs
LEDs for homogeneous 6pcs 23pcs 51pcs 23pcs
Recommend Reef-Safe Area 16x16x16inch 24x24x32inch 32x24x16inch 24x24x32inch
Max PAR@8inch 290 380 290 380
Max PAR@16inch 200 290 200 290
Max PAR@24inch 80 220 80 220
Daisy Chain 1 remote to 1 panel 1 remote to 1 panel 1 remote to 1 panel 1 controller max contro 8 panels together