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Penn-Plax Cat Walk Furniture: Luxury Lounger Cat Bed – Mid-Century Modern – for All Size Cats

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  • Luxury Lounger Cat Bed – Mid-Century Modern – For All Size Cats

Cat Walk Furniture presents the Luxury Lounger Cat Bed by Penn-Plax. Our cat bed takes the traditional concept of pet furniture to a new level. This Mid-Century Modern piece is beautiful, lavish, and exquisite. This item is suitable for all fancy felines, and is an ideal size to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your home décor. Not Just for Looks: Not only is this cat bed aesthetically pleasing, it also provides the ultimate comfort for your cat. The included upholstered cushion will be your pet’s favorite place to be. It sits securely into the lounger, and will not move around when your cat jumps on and off. Finely Constructed: The Luxury Lounger Cat Bed is made from furniture paper and durable fiberboard. It had a brown lacquer finish with simulated wood grain. The 4 tapered legs attach easily, creating a slightly raised surface for your feline to enjoy. Measurements: 10.5” (H) x 31” (L) x 14.5” (W). Shop Penn-Plax for All Your Pet’s Needs: Penn-Plax is a manufacturer and distributor of top quality pet supplies, who specialize in creating excellent pet products for animals both great and small.