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Penn Plax Aquarium Decoration with Moving Treasure Chest, Floating Diver, and Bubble Action

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  • The driver floats around the trunk and holds on with this chain.
  • Air bubbles rise from the treasure chest aquarium ornament helping to oxygenate the fish tank. Watch as the jewels get revealed every time it opens.
  • This aquarium decor provides both visual appeal as well as aerating your tank in a fun way. It attaches to 3/16 aquarium line and existing aquarium air pump (not included).
  • Sturdy base secures ornament to bottom of aquarium.
  • Made of safe durable resin, this fish tank ornament is hand painted with detail and is safe for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

The Penn Plax Action Treasure Chest and Diver Aquarium Ornament is a fun way to liven up your home aquarium. Watch the live action as the treasure chest opens and closes revealing the treasure inside. The floating diver holds on tight with the chain that attaches to the trunk. A steady stream of bubbles rise from the trunk for visual appeal while also providing the necessary oxygen to the tank. This aquarium ornament measures approximately 4 inches in height and can be placed in any size freshwater or saltwater tank. Our Action Air Treasure Chest Aquarium Ornament attaches easily to any 3/16 air tubing line. Simply connect the two lines together and place inside the fish tank. Aquarium ornament is made of quality resin, has a sturdy bottom that keeps it in place, and is safe for fish. Color may vary. Air pump, tubing, and pressure control valve not included.