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Pawhut Cat Corrugated Paper Scratching Bed Pad Board Toy Pet Furniture with Catnip Brown

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Keep your cats endlessly entertained with the PawHut cat scratching toy! This special pet play area of this cat condo features a ton of super fun and interesting activities for your favorite little ones. With platforms to sleep and bask on, this multifunctional cat tower is the perfect solution for homes with more than one frisky feline! The cat bed provides an endless amount of play opportunities. Rest, play, exercise, your cats can spend all day on the cat activity tower.

  • Corrugated paper scratching pads satisfies your cats' nature and protects your furniture
  • The retro shape and pattern goes well easily with existing décor
  • Features a cat bed shape to rest and play
  • Comes with some catnip
  • Great for keeping your cat/kitten entertained and active by themselves
  • No assembly needed

  • Specifications:
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Corrugated paper
  • Overall Dimension: 23.5"L x 11.5"W x 11.5"H
  • Stool Surface: 17"L x 10.25"W
  • Seat Height: 4.75"
  • Item Label: D30-508