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NICREW Aquarium Stone Disk, round Fish Tank Bubbler with Leds, Aquarium and Fish Tank Decoration

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  • Diameter: 2 inches
  • Promoting the circulation of water, creating continuous water towe
  • Color automatically changes and is most effective when viewed in a dark room
  • It fits most aquariums, fish tanks, pools, and other similar occasions
  • Package: Round stone disk with build-in multi-color LED lights, 3/16 in a tube, and power adapter. The pump is not included

Product Description


1. Allow Bubble Disk to soak for one hour before connecting with the pump (Pump is not INCLUDED).

2. If algae buildup reduces bubbling after extended use, remove bubble disk from the aquarium and clean surface with a stiff brush.


The volume and pressure output of your pump will determine how large an area of the disk will release bubbles.

How to use it?

- Put the unit into water to soak for one hour before you connect it to the pump.

- Use the suction cups to secure the LED stone disk in place, or set it on the aquarium floor and cover it with gravel.

- Connect the plug to outlet and create a drip loop to prevent water from traveling along the cord and contacting the plug.

Accelerates Bubbling Replenishment

Built-in stone disk produces a curtain of the bubble to promote proper gas exchange.

Suction Cup and Power Cord

Includes suction cup mount and 5 ft long power cord. It promises to fix the LED stone disk in your desired place.

Creates a Dazzling Underwater Scene

The 6 color-changing LEDs create a unique and striking light effect in any aquarium.