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Kitty City Woven Cat Bed

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Cat naps are for small cushions and perches. When your pet needs to get proper sleep, the Woven Cat Bed from Kitty city is built for the most pleasant snooze a cat can get. That’s because the basket is woven from high-quality cotton rope, which acts as a thermal layer to hold your pet’s body heat for a more even sleeping temp throughout the night (or day!). Inside the basket is a plush polyester cushion, sink-in soft and great to curl up on. This removable cushion can be tossed right in the washing machine. If your cat already has a sleeping spot he’s used to, you can retrain him to the Woven Cat Bed with the 3 grams of included catnip. Just a bit sprinkled on to grab his interest, and he’ll be purring away and sawing logs in his new crash pad in no time! Please note that due to the natural color of the rope, the colors vary subtly from bed to bed. That also means yours in unique, and the pleasing design is sure to fit in any modern home.

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