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Full-Spectrum RGB Fish Tank Light, 24-Hour Sunrise and Sunset Ecosystem, with Remote Timing, 19.5W Power Black, Suitable for 19’-31’’ Aquariums and Reptile Plants

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  • 1 【Lighting】The lighting system is composed of 48 LEDs and 24 RGB lamp beads. The combination of 72 lamp beads can make your fish tank have high brightness and full spectrum debugging. You can freely adjust the light color, including red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and white. If you think the aquarium is too bright, you can also adjust the brightness of the light to maintain the most comfortable viewing intensity.
  • 2 【Function】]2 kinds of ecological modes: 24-hour natural ecological simulation and 4 kinds of weather simulation. The 24/7 mode simulates the closest natural sunrise and sunset changes. It will automatically change the color and brightness of the light according to the change of time, making your Beta aquarium closer to the real ecological environment. Including four weather simulations (sunny, dark clouds, thunderstorm, night), fish will be happy to consider living in this environment.
  • 3【Control】 The fish tank light is equipped with an infrared sensor head. You can use the remote control to manage the lights remotely. The remote control has a memory. You can customize the RGB lighting to store the desired color (store up to 4 color combinations M1, M2, M3, M4). We keep the physical button control on the fish tank light. If you suddenly do not know the location of the remote control, it can help you manage the lights.
  • 4 【Design】 The aquarium light is 19.7 inches long and uses a retractable bracket as a support. It is suitable for use in aquariums from 19.7 inches to 30 inches long. The light transmittance of the highly transparent lampshade is 94%. The lamp body is made of aluminum, which emits more heat than plastic. A groove is also designed on the back of the lamp to increase the heat dissipation surface. Even if the bulb is used for a long time, the temperature will not be too high. .
  • 5【Use scene】The 24-hour ecological light can be applied to most tanks. The lighting system can make the aquarium plants and fish in an excellent lighting environment. A well-built aquarium requires a perfect rgb lighting system. You can't imagine how happy the fish is in this environment.