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FAVOMATE Cat Beds for Indoor Cats, Machine Washable Dog Bed for Small Dogs, round Fluffy Donut Cuddler Calming Pet Bed, Anti-Anxiety Soft Plush Pet Bed for Puppy and Kitten

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  • 【Cat Beds for Indoor Cats】: This fluffy cat bed is a kind of doughnut shape. The protruding part of the outside can provide a support for dogs and cats. The 4 cm long fluff can give them a very comfortable experience. Ideal for pets to curl up,sprawl or sleep.
  • 【Calming Dog Bed】: There are two sizes of our Self Warming Pet Bed.It's very suitable for cats and dogs to sleep quietly and relieve anxiety. 20 * 20in for kittens and puppies less than 10lb, and 23.6in * 23.6in for adult pets under 20lb. Please select the appropriate pet bed according to the weight of your pet.
  • 【Machine Washable Pet Bed】: Our cat bed is machine washable. Just throw it into the washing machine. Please don't use bleach. It's recommended to wash it at low heat. After drying, you only need to pat it a few times to recover the fluffy state.
  • 【Waterproof & Anti-Slip Bottom】: There are anti-slip silicone grips in the bottom fabric to help keep the bed stable. This waterproof fabric is also to help keep your floors clean.
  • Note: Our dog donut cuddler is made of soft and high-quality ppcotton. Please open the vacuum package and shake it for a few times to recover to the complete state. This pet bed is not suitable for chewy pets. In order to relieve the pressure of pets, you can put chewing toys in this bed.

Product Description

Ultra cozy faux fur, soft PP cotton filled in, basic color donut shape.

Our FAVOMATE round pet bed offers a safe, ideal place for a cat or small dog to snooze.

Your little furry friends will feel surrounded by love and warmth, allowing them to experience truly restful sleep.

Good restful sleep for improved behavior and better health.

Warming & Comfy

4cm long plush and filled with ppcotton, how can it not be soft? This donut shaped pet bed can decorate your room very well. Your furry friends like to curl up into a ball when they sleep. This pet bed is right to give their joints a good support, and will not touch the cool floor. I believe your pet will like this kind of soft, comfortable and warm bed.

Machine Washable Pet Bed

Our pet bed can be machine washed. After washing, please remember to pat the cotton inside to fluffy state for a few minutes, so that it will not become a mass of cotton.

With the anti-skid points on the bottom, this pet bed is not easy to move.

From 10lbs to 20lbs

We have two sizes of 20 "X20" and 23.6 "x23.6". The small size is suitable for pets with about 10 pounds, such as Bichon frise, Chihuahua, small Schnauzer and Pomeranian. The larger size is suitable for pets with about 20 pounds. Please choose the appropriate size according to the size of your pet.

FAVOMATE Dog Beds for Small Dogs