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Dog Airtag Holder for Apple Air Tags,Anti-Lost Airtag Dog Collar Holder ,Protective Air Tag Case Compatible with Dogs Cats Collars Loop & Pets Accessories (2 Pack)

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  • 【Exclusive airtag holder】The protective cover is compatible with the airtag designed in 2021, a variety of colors are available,the positioning function will not be hindered, and it can be easily put on your pet collar and pet holder and so on
  • 【360°Care】 This protective case can protect the airtag in all directions, it can be protected from bumps and scratches when it is accidentally dropped, and it has a certain waterproof effect
  • 【Skin-friendly material】 It is a silicone material, soft and skin-friendly, your pet will not feel uncomfortable because of its friction with the skin when wearing it. Instead, it feels as invisible as when it is not worn, and pets are still free to play as they please
  • 【Suitable for various occasions】This can not only be worn for pets at home to ensure their position is safe, but also can be worn for your own belongings, the belongings of the elderly and children at home, so that in an emergency,you can quickly know his location . It can be used anywhere you want, follow everything you want to know
  • 【100% satisfactory service】Our company is committed to providing quality services, is committed to establishing quality products, allowing customers to be satisfied, any problem can contact us, we will solve your problem in time