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Cat Litter Box Liners Self Cleaning Pet Safe Litter Filter Liners Cat Feces Filter Net 10 Pcs Reusable

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  • Ensures easy and quick cleanup
  • Prevents waste clumps from sticking to the pan
  • Helps you to provide a hygienic environment to your pet
  • Liners that can make cleaning your pet cat's litter pan a hassle free experience

Cat Litter Box Liners self cleaning pet safe litter filter liners Cat Feces Filter Net 10 Pcs  Reusable


Made from Green PP Resin and Nylon.Tear-resistant mesh bag, durable, reusable for many times.Instantly refresh with large mesh to sift the cat litter.Install in 30 seconds. Eco and Pet FriendlyEasy tp use with quick sifting action.The tray remains un-dirtied and fresh and your hands will be clean.

Material: PE ,Nylon


includes:10 x Filter Net