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Cat anti Scratch Furniture Protector - Couch Scratch Protector from Cats - Furniture Protection from Cat Scratching - Cat Couch Protectors for Furniture - Cat Training Tape - Cat Scratch Guard

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  • EASE OF INSTALLATION Our furniture protector from cats adhered effortlessly and does not require twist pins. Just cut our anti cat scratch furniture protector and stick on the surface
  • FURNITURE PROTECTION AND YOUR PET'S HEALTH AND SAFETY Our anti-scratch protective covers do not require screws that can be swallowed by pets and that can damage furniture by leaving torn holes
  • DOES NOT STICK These anti-scratch sheets are completely transparent and smooth, they are non-toxic and completely safe for you and your pets, hair, fur, debris will not stick to cat furniture protector
  • TRAINING WITHOUT PROBLEMS After another unsuccessful attack on your furniture covered with our cat scratch guard tape, your pet will soon lose interest in it
  • FOR ALL TYPES OF SURFACES This cat repellent for furniture fits perfectly on any surface, its size 8-Pack XL 17 "L 12" W, allowing you to cover a very large area. P.S. If sheets hardly remove- use a hairdryer.100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If we have not met your expectations, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Product Description



Just cut to size

8-Pack XL 17 "L 12" W - easily cover any surface, easy to cut with scissors to the size you need.

Peel Off

Peel off the laminate from the white backing.


The installation is easy.

Apply the transparent sheet and align with light hand pressure.

No pins

Our anti-scratch protective covers do not require screws that can be swallowed by pets and that can damage furniture by leaving torn holes.

Approved by pets lovers!

Super happy!!!

So far it’s great! I can say, finally I found a product that protects my furniture from my cat's claw. I have not had to cover my sofa with blankets anymore. I cover it only where that cats seek. I recommend it! It was worth the purchase!! I’m going to buy more for another sofa. I’m a happy customer!

Great product

I heard about this product from a friend. I was looking for something for my dog but there is little choices in dog products ,so I bought furniture protectors against cat scratches.)I stick 2 sheets on leather doors and 5 sheets on a wall,and one on my front door. It peels off the leather easily after use and stayed in place well for 2 weeks. I still will keep one on my front door because of his jumping to protect it from scratches.Thank you for such great product!

Perfect solution for leather sofa

When I was selecting furniture cat protectors for my leather sofa, I had 2 major fears. The first one is the special pins that secure the sheets. The second is that the glue is so strong that it damages the leather when removing. The ad for this product showed no pins and said it was easy to peel off from any surface. I first tested it on the back of the sofa and I liked the result. I stuck it on the other parts which attracted my cat.

Easy to install and purrrfect ( sorry could not resist)

We just got a new kitten who loves scratching my furniture - specifically a living room couch and kitchen barstools ( they are covered in fabric). Nothing helped stop him from scratching them until I came across this cat anti - scratch furniture protector. Great product and easy solution. It is very flexible and sticks well to my furniture. The process to apply to the couch was very easy.

Recommend! Good quality product.

Just recently we bought new expensive couch, and were looking for cat anti scratch furniture protector. After some research I found this product, and let me tell you it work great! It's easy to trim to fit your specific furniture configurations, and most important - it does the trick to prevent our cat from scratching the furniture. Highly recommended.

It sticks great(at least for 2 month)

I love the protection!!! You can’t see it, sticks great, leaves no marks and doesn’t smell. My cat already ruined the door so when I bought new bed I had ho come up with something. Now I am safe with Anti scratch!

Great furniture protectors

I used these panels to line the whole back of the new couch to protect it from little cats with attitudes and a picking instinct. They work great, they stick to the couch without damaging the fabric and actually don't look bad at all since they are clear. Easy to wipe clean if they do get something on them.

Sticks perfectly

These protectors hold really well. I was afraid that it was worth using pins, but this brand does not need it. So I'm glad I chose these scratch protection sheets for furniture.

Enjoy communication with your pet while we take care of your furniture

After analyzing all the negative reviews and testing hundreds of inches furniture scratch guards for cats, we made a furniture defender cat scratching guards that adheres perfectly to any surfaces.

Miloona - The only one-sided vinyl sheets for cats no need for pins. Why cat scratch furniture protector Miloona?:

- Easy to install: stick our furniture protectors from cats to a strength even for teenagers and retirees.

- Unlike double-sided sticky tape our cat scratch deterrent durable and flexible, transparent and perfectly smooth.

- Safe training: touching the sticky surface causes stress and irritation in our pets. Thanks to our smooth vinyl sheets, your pets will quickly lose interest in the surface to be protected, while maintaining their physical and mental health.

- Our ideal cat scratch stopper and pet couch guard includes set 8 pcs X-Large 17*12 inches self-adhesive sheets, provides more coverage than others cat scratch furniture protector.

- Cat scratch deterrent sheets keeps perfectly on a flat surface. On the corner of the sofa or on the corner of the wall, it is better to cut and join the sheet.

- Easy to remove from any surface - heat slightly with a hair dryer these sheets and they will peel off easily without leaving a sticky residue.

Using MiLoona furniture cat protectors, you not only protect your furniture, but also train your pet painlessly. The furniture is preserved - you are happy, your pets are trained.