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Brewish 4FT Sensory LED Water Bubble Fish Tube Floor Lamp with 20 Color Changing Light Effects– Fake Aquarium Tank Night Light and Gift for Kids, Autism, Men & Women - Remote Control & 12 Fishes

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  • 🐠 4FT LARGE AQUARIUM FLOOR LAMP: This Classic Floor Lamp has an elegant design that makes it fit any room perfectly. The aquarium design with the eye-catching circular bubble column water light feature with color-changing LED lights. This is a 2 in 1 lamp – Tower Floor Lamp and Fake Aquarium. The colorful fish moving up and down in the water pipe can create a beautiful deep-sea environment for offices and homes
  • 💡 Home Decoration: This dazzling lamp is a must add collection for your home décor. The novelty looks of the lamp and its larger size will be noticed and praised by all your guests. It can be easily assembled within 15 minutes. The presence of this lamp makes your room brighter and more beautiful. Addition to décor value, this lamp possess anti-ominous nature which protect /hold your household and spread positivity at your home or office.
  • ✨ ENCHANTING 20 COLOR OPTIONS: With remote control you can set colors matching your mood. There are 16 solid colors like Blue, Green, Red and 4 transition settings – Smooth, Strobe, Fade and Flash. Light up this lamp with your favourite color and increase its mode and speed at the touch of a button. This lamp could be useful in Multi-Occasions by adjusting the transition. Example, the smooth transition helps while doing yoga or meditation and flash or strobe transition makes the party awesome.
  • 🎁 BEST GIFT IDEA FOR KIDS: Let your loved ones remember you always by gifting them this water bubble fish floor lamp. This lamp spread positivity to your loved ones.This can also be used as kids’ night lamp. Watching the fish move up and down in the water and the lights changing constantly is best exercise for the child's color recognition ability. This is both educational and creates a peaceful and soothing environment for children to fall asleep which makes it perfect gift for kids.
  • 💸 AUTISM FRIENDLY & 30-DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: The sensory simulation makes it Ideal for children with autism, ADHD and special need. Brewish is committed to providing 100% service satisfaction to all buyers. We provide 30 Days Guarantee to this lamp against manufacturing defects. Kindly contact us if you need help. Please rest assured to buy.

Product Description

Brewish 3.9FT Sensory LED Water Bubble Fish Tube Floor Lamp

Water Bubble Lamp from Brewish

This product is from the house of Brewish - Pioneer in manufacturing LED Lava Lamps. Brewish is committed to produce the best premium stuff to facilitate and serve people in a desirable wishing atmosphere. We are plunging all the attention to turn out wonderful and satisfied services. Consumer's satisfaction would always place on a top prior position.

Key Features:

47.5” Extra Large Floor Lamp

The 3.9FT Height with Sturdy Base makes it best choice for the column floor lamp. This extra large size makes it unique from other lamps.

Best Addition for your Home Decor

This Water Bubble lamp is suitable for any room. It is versatile and can be used as a floor lamp and a fake aquarium tank. The aquarium theme of the lamp brings the deep sea ambience to your home. The illumination and changing colour will be delightful to watch.

20 Color Settings Option

The Water Bubble Lamp has 20 colour settings to choose from. There are 16 solid colors like Blue, Green, Red and 4 transition settings – Smooth, Strobe, Fade and Flash. Set the colour and transition of the lamp to match your mood with the remote control. This facility makes this bubble tube lamp suitable for all occasions. You can use it for calm and peaceful meditation to loud and joyful parties.

Realistic Life Like Fishes

The package includes 10 Plastic life like fishes. In addition, you will also recieve 2 extra fishes for free. These fishes are of high quality and toxic free. It will swims in the bubble tube like a real fish.

If there is any short of fishes after a long usage, don't worry you can buy this accessory seperately from our store.

Best Addition in this Christmas!

Now bring ultimate peace to your mind with our Water Bubble Floor Lamp. Watching the fishes moving in the bubble tube with the combination of changing light will be a visual delight and provides a soothing effect to your mind. Having this LED Aquarium lamp in workplaces helps to reduce stress due to hectic work schedule.

Possess Anti-Omnious and Spread positivity

Spiritual, Happiness & Love

It is believed in many western countries, that Magic Water Bubble lamp is Anti-Ominous and having one or two lamps at your home will protect /hold your household avert God’s condemnation. Moreover, this eye-catching water bubble lamp brings positivity in the mind of users and help them to ease their tense to feel them happy.

Fantasy Lamp for Fantastic Kids...

Kids will love this.. Kids Night Lamp

This Aquarium Bubble lamp can also be used as Night Lamp for Children. The rhythmic buzzing sound from the lamp with changing color is hypnotic and help them to fall asleep soon. This lamp also relieves kids from anxiety and tension. Viewing the fishes moving in the tube along with the changing colour will improve the child's color recognition ability and object tracking skills. The sensory stimulation of the lamp helps the persons with special needs, ADHD, dementia and Autism. These special features of this lamp make it a perfect gift for kids.


Best Christmas and New Year Gift !

Add a warm and accent light to your sweet home with this Aquarium Design Floor Lamp. Set up this water bubble tube lamp in a few minutes with ease and enjoy the lamp.


  • Indoor use only. Do not operate in areas exposed to moisture
  • Use only pure, distilled water. Use of other types will affect the function of the product & may cause algae growth.
  • Do not attempt to move the product when filled.

How to Use?

  • Place lamp on a level surface where it cannot be knocked over.
  • Fill with pure, distilled water upto the level marked. Soak the fish in it overnight.
  • Connect the plug and turn switch On.
  • Let it run for sometime and the fish will slowly start going down.
  • It may take a day before the fish are happily swimming all over.