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Aquariumbasics Led Aquarium Light for Fish Tank ,Auto On/Off Submersible White and Blue Led Aquarium Plant Light with Timer and Dimming Function (7.5 Inch (Timer & Dimming Function))

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  • 【Switchable 3 MODES AQUARIUM LIGHT】The first fish tank light mode is only blue led on;The second mode is only white led on,the third mode is blue & white light on.Submersible LED Aquarium Light with switchable 3 modes is better for aquarium aquatic plant,freshwater fish and marine fish and so on.
  • 【100 different blue and white light ratios】AquariumBasics Submersible LED Aquarium Light for fish tank can control white and blue light intensity separately.Press “W” button to increase white led intensity and press and Press “B” to increase Blue led intensity in ten level which will crease 100 different blue and white light ratios.You must can find the most favorite lighting ratio for your aquarium tank.Our aquarium light can be suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.
  • 【6/10/12H Timer setting】Red sign led is for 6H,Green sign led for 10H and Blue sign led for 12H.For example,If now It is 8:00 and you press “clock" on the controller and the blue sign led of 12H is on when the aquarium light will work from 8:00-20:00 in everyday.There are 6/10/12H Timer setting choice for you.In this case,you do not need to turn the light on or off everyday for your fish and plant.
  • Helpful for plant growth and bring more vigour to fish :The length of aquarium light is 18.5CM/7.5 Inch has 18 pieces LEDs in total which has 9 pieces Ultra-bright 7000-7500k White LEDs and 9 pieces 460nm blue light LEDs which are sufficient to let your aquarium plant grow and let your fish more beautiful and vivid under our light.
  • IP 67 WATERPROOF: AquariumBasics submersible aquarium fish led can be used under the water or out of water both which reach IP 67 waterproof and our fish tank light comes with two suction cup which can stick it to the glass of aquarium fish tank.

AquariumBasics led aquarium light for fish tank ,Auto on/off Submersible white and blue led aquarium plant light with timer and dimming function