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Aquarium Volcano Decoration Kits, 5W Colored Air Bubble Lights with 6 Leds, Aquarium Decoration Lamps with Air Pump

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  • The volcanic rock is placed on the bubble lamp, and the bubbles and colored lights will be ejected from the top of the volcano.
  • The air bubble light with an oxygen input port and a power input port.There are three suction cups at the bottom.
  • The air oxygen pump with the plug and the air tube.The air tube with a check valve.
  • The air pump contains a motor that will produce a certain amount of noise. We recommend hanging it in the air or placing it on a sponge to reduce noise slightly. And it is not waterproof. Please do not place it in a place that is easily accessible to the water source!
  • We recommend cleaning the air stone pan once or more a month. Cleaning the algae and other impurities on the disc helps prevent clogging of the holes.

Color LED: Multicolor
Lamp: 6 LEDs
Waterproof: IP68
Size: Please refer to the picture for details

Package List:
1 X Air Bubble Light
1 X Volcanic Shaped Decoration
1 X Air Oxygen Pump
1 X Air Tube
1 X Adapter

1. The working voltage must be compatible with the voltage specified.
2. Forbid to touch power adapter with wet hand.
3. Please turn off the power before cleaning the lamp.
4. In the event of wire exposure or other abnormal events during use, please stop using the product in time and seek professional repairs.
5. Please pay attention to electricity safety and protect yourself.
6. If you have any questions, please consult our customer service.