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Aqua Culture Spongebob Homes Assorted Aquarium Decoration

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  • Made of durable resin.
  • Spongebob fish tank decor available in spongebob pineapple home or squidward easter island home.
  • Each measure consists of a 6.5" tall.

Transform your fish tank into your very own bikini bottom, with penn plax aquarium decorations. Kids enjoy watching creatures swim through these replicas from their favorite show. You have your choice of squidward's easter island statue dwelling or sponge bobs pineapple house. Each of these spongebob aquarium decorations is made of long-lasting durable resin. These products feature detailed designs that match the look of the houses as they appear in the cartoon. The colors are bright and vibrant and hold up to underwater conditions. The toys are ideal for use with all sorts of different fish breeds.