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Aqua Culture Aqua Jewels, Betta Mix, 3.5 Oz

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  • Bright and colorful faux gems
  • Various colors in this pack include: red, blue, and purple
  • Pick up a single bag to spruce up your tank or pick up a few packs to cover the whole floor
  • Jewels give off an even more fantastic look when under your aquarium lights

Brighten up your fish tank with Aqua Culture Aqua Jewels. These bright and delightful decorative pieces are available in an assortment of different color combinations to offer you the best fit for your design ideas. Each bag holds 3.5-ounces of Aqua Jewels and you can either pick up a single pack to accent your fish tank with or bring home multiple packs to get the right amount of dazzle for your home or office aquarium. Your tank will take on a whole different look as your lights bounce off and shine through each of the colorful jewels. Whether you're looking for a way to style up your fish tank or you're setting up your first one, these Aqua Culture Aqua Jewels are a great addition.

Aqua Culture Aqua Jewels, Betta Mix, 3.5 oz:
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