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Airtag Screw Vault for Dogs- Airtag Dog Collar Holder for Apple Airtags, Waterproof Airtag Case for Giant Pets

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  • 【Air Tag Vault for Dog】Perfect for giant pets and prevent other aggressive chewers. It attaches securely to the dog collar, keeping it out of the pet's paws as well as protecting the Airtags from the teeth of "friends".
  • 【Durable and Easy to Attach to Collars】The case is made of high-quality silicone material with an O-ring for water resistance. The Apple Air Tag fits perfectly inside the holder, two screws go through the collar and hold the whole thing in place. Use the included tool to screw the case onto your dog's collar, it won't loosen the AirTag unless your dog's collar comes off.
  • 【Pet Enough Comfort】The best part about it compared to the hanging holders one is that it doesn't dangle. Pets won't even notice it's on the collar, preventing pets from trying to chew on it. Keeping AirTag away from water bowls and litter boxes keeps pets more comfortable.
  • 【Perfect for Giant Breeds】Fits dogs over about 10-12lbs. (Smaller than that, it's pretty big on the neck, but still works). Fits any width collar or harness. Uses self-piercing screws to easily go through synthetic or leather collars up to 0.25"/6mm (Which is about 99% of collars. Some doubled up leather or studded collars are too thick).
  • 【Package includes】1 Airtag Holder, 1 screwdriver, 1 fixing iron, 4 screws (Not include Airtags and dog collars on pictures). The case is fixed to the collar, it is difficult for someone to quickly remove it, and it is absolutely safe. (It's easy to transfer to a different collar as your dog grows, so make sure to keep the included kit.)