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Airtag Dog Collar Holder – Available in Several Colors & Sizes - 2 Pack Silicone Dog Airtag Holder - Premium Dog Collar Airtag Holder - Apple Airtag Dog Collar Comfortably Fits Dogs & Cats Too!

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  • YOU KNOW THE PANIC THAT SETS IN WHEN A PET GOES MISSING - Our LUVKO Family makes the perfect airtag collar holder that securely and comfortably attaches to your dog’s collar. LUVKO Family + Apple Tag Dog Collar follows your dog and will help reunite you. Giving you the PEACE OF MIND to take your fur baby anywhere. Easily tracks your dog when used with Airtag Dog, Apple's trusted tracking technology.
  • DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM SECURITY - Unlike the uncomfortable hanging AirTag keychains that dangle and shake off, the LUVKO Family Airtag Holder for Dog Collar is made of SOFT SILICONE, which is LIGHTWEIGHT, FLEXIBLE, and SEAMLESS to your dog. It is also WATER-RESISTANT, So Enjoy Playing with your dog under the RAIN & PUDDLES. No matter where your dog goes, you can make sure that the dog airtag is there, too.
  • THE PERFECT FIT- Your best choice in keeping your fur baby safe using Apple AirTag technology. Our CLASSIC Airtag Holder attaches AirTags to your dog’s collar if 0.66-1 inch width, so MEDIUM & LARGE DOGS CAN EASILY & COMFORTABLY WEAR IT. Our SMALL Airtag Holder is PERFECT FIT for SMALL & XS DOGS. Fits CATS TOO! Our products are safe, eco-friendly, & highly durable. They come in a BEAUTIFUL BLACK BOX and TWO COLORS with a CUTE PAW PRINT DESIGN, making this an EXCELLENT GIFT for PET LOVERS!
  • FOR WHAT MATTERS - Made not only to track your dog, the LUVKO Family Case for Airtag Dog Collar has other uses. It helps TRACK WHAT'S MOST VALUABLE TO YOU! – Doggos, Cattos, Children, Elderly, Bags, Keys, etc. Our GLOW IN THE DARK AirTag holder for pet collar has a SOFT GLOW which is perfect for a NIGHTTIME WALK. NEED TO EXPOSE Airtag Cases to LIGHT or SUN to GLOW IN THE DARK.
  • Our apple airtag dog collar holder makes keeping track of your pet easy. AT LUVKO Family, WE UNDERSTAND THE LOVE, CARE, AND COMMITMENT PET PARENTS GIVE TO THEIR FURRY FAMILY. We're pet parents ourselves and have experienced the pain of a lost pet. We do not want other families SUFFERING THE HEARTBREAK OF LOSING A PET. Owned & Operated here in the USA. Every Airtag Collar Dog and Case for Air Tag Dog Collar we sell, we DONATE 5% of our profit to RedRover Charity!