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Riiai 12W Aquarium Light, LED Planted Fish Tank Light with Extendable Brackets for Freshwater Saltwater Tank 12-20 Inch, Aluminum Shell 4 Color Model Built-In Timer

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  • 🐟【Super Bright Led Aquarium Light】This aquarium light is made of 5730 large leds, it sheds ultra-bright light to illuminate the whole fish tank and makes underwater creature pop and radiant. 50-60HZ 100-220V AC low voltage is energy-efficient and safe for use.
  • 🐠【Extendable Aquarium Light】This fish tank light has 2 adjustable brackets that can be extended and contracted freely, it fits 12-20 inch tank. Furthermore, aluminum alloy shell can optimize heat dissipation, This saltwater aquarium light is an amazing plus to your tank.
  • 🐡【3 Color Modes & 10 Brightness Levels】This aquarium light containing 6 blue+12 white+2 red+2 green bulbs, and it has 3 lighting modes, mere blue, white+red+green and white+red+green+blue. It offers 10 levels of brightness. All of which are convenient for users to choose a suitable light mode and intensity for the growth of aquatic creature.
  • 🐙【Built-in Timer Fish Tank Light】 The 12W aquarium light built-in timer provides three timing modes: 6h/10/12h. You can set the lighting time and the tank light will be on & off automatically at the designated time.
  • 🌿【Small LED Planted Fish Tank Light】 Light weight and neat design aquarium light is a fabulous decoration to your aquarium, no matter freshwater or saltwater fish tank, lighting up your tank interior, making it animating and fascinating. Note: The full spectrum fish tank light will fail to water, please keep it with care. We provide 365 days warranty and lifelong technique support, feel free to contact us if you have any problem.

Product Description

  • Riiai full spectrum aquarium light with extendable brackets and aluminum shell is made of advancing and quality SMD led, so the service life of the product is greatly improved.
  • We adopt premium 5730 LED, which is ultra bright and will boost the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium, thus the creature under the water are sure to be more animating and gorgeous.

5730 LEDs

  • 5730 Leds provide ultra brightness and optimal illumination for the growth of underwater creature.
  • With glass cover coated above Leds, there is no need for users to worry about accidental splashes of water.

Extendable Brackets and Aluminum Shell

  • The whole shell is made of structured aluminum, accelerating heat dissipation.
  • The aquarium light comes with two extendable metal brackets, which can be applied to various kinds of fish tank.

Wired manipulable controller

  • 4 buttons to program independently.
  • Super easy and convenient to control, it will generate more fun and pleasant experience for users.

Lower Voltage, Safer for Use

  • DC power and low voltage bring about energy efficiency and lower electricity bill.
  • suitable for 100-240V in input voltage.

Ultra Bright

  • Due to the enhanced brightness glittered from premium 5730 Leds, users will enjoy a fantastic underwater sight: crystal clear water, animating fishes and luxuriant plants.

Full Spectrum

  • The aquarium light has 4 single colors: white, blue, red, green. Multiple colors make the underwater world more colorful and fascinating


  • With state-of-the-art SMD Leds, metal brackets and aluminum shell adopted, our brand is more durable and quality.
  • Free from worries over quality of the product, users can concentrate more on fish farming and plants' growth.


  • The aquarium light has 10 levels of brightness. Users can customize an appropriate light intensity and color to satisfy the growth of underwater creature.

3 Timers

  • The built-in controller is equipped with 3 preset timers, through which users are able to focus on work and rest only if the timer was set in advance.

Sleek Design

  • The aquarium light is very thin , various in size, and sleek in design, adding aesthetic beauty to the whole fish tank.
  • Fish farming is not a manual labor, but a visual relish and unique life experience.