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Pup Culture Airtag Dog Collar Holder, Protective Airtag Case for Dog Collar, Airtag Loop for GPS Dog Tracker, Dog Trackers for Apple Iphone, Airtag Pet, Dog Airtag Holder

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  • PUP SECURE AND IPHONE FRIENDLY. Tired of hounding your dog when he runs for the hills? Just clip your Apple AirTag to the Pup Culture AirTag Dog Collar Holder for 24/7 dog tracking, straight from your iPhone. The non-dangling case loops through the dog collar, so you don’t have to sweat your AirTag flying off your furry friend.
  • LIVE GPS TRACKING WITH LOCATION HISTORY. Now you can be your dog’s personal pup-arazzi by tracking his every movement in real time. Get pinged when your dog goes out-of-bounds, and trace his last known location on Apple Maps. Once your pet is found on Lost-Mode, others can easily contact you by scanning your AirTag— so you’ll be notified when Houndini makes his grand escape.
  • WITHSTANDS THE RUFF TIMES. Pup Culture’s silicone, water and impact resistant technology makes this AirTag protector ideal for diggers, swimmers, and playful pups. Your pooch is free to roll over to his heart’s content while the AirTag stays safely enclosed inside. Sporting a durable soft material, this casing shields your AirTag from scratching, biting, and licking.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT = HAPPY DOGS. Each casing comes in seven different personalized colors, and are ergonomic for almost all kinds of dog collars (so you can use his old collar if you please). Low-profile and non-bulky, they make a snug fit for small, medium, and large dogs
  • OWNED AND OPERATED IN THE USA. No more flimsy, unsafe dog accessories from unknown origins. All of our high-performing dog products are happily designed and pup tested right in your backyard.

The originally designed Apple Airtag Dog Collar Holder from Pup Culture effortlessly secures your Air tag to your dogs collar. Using your Apple iPhone with your Airtag, you pay no monthly fees as with many GPS Dog Tracker systems. Track your pet with less worry, enable "lost mode" and notify others whom may find your dog to contact you. Our Airtag case fits snug on most collars and keeps a low profile on your dogs collar. Made for doggos, but can be used to loop an an Airtag to other accessories with a fitting strap. *Please note the Apple Airtag is sold separately from the dog collar case.