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Number-One Furniture Protectors from Cats,10 Pack Sofa Cat Couch Protector Cat Scratch Protection Furniture Single Sided anti Cat Scratch Couch Protectors from Cats Scratching with Pins

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The kit includes 10 pieces cat couch protectors in three sizes and 60 twisted pins, it is made of safe and healthy materials, the single-sided tape is easy to use, ultra-thin and durable, and has a wide range of applications, is a good helper for protecting furniture.This cat couch protector kit has a total of 10 pieces, including 4 pieces XL-Large (18"x 12") ,4 pieces L (18"x 9"), 2 pieces M (18''x 6''). Our cat couch protector is ultra-thin and durable. It is completely transparent and is not easy to be distinguished by cats, large coverage can be very good to meet your needs.Our cat couch protector tape is very flexible, it can be cut to the appropriate size according to the needs, and the curved furniture surface can also fit well.The convenient twist pin can be more firmly fixed on your upholstered furniture, and can be quickly and simply disconnected and reused.If you are worried about destroying your furniture, it is recommended that you test it in an inconspicuous place before use to ensure that it is safe for your finish.


Product Size: XL:18 x 12 inch, L:18 x 9 inch, M:18 x 6 inch

Total weight: 0.88 lb

Product Material: PVC


Please opens and lays the scratch shield flat on the table or other neat place for a while before use. Therefore, it can avoid creases due to inertia when used.

Package Includes:

10 x Cat Couch Protector

60 x Twist Needle

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【🐱Protect the Furniture】Cats are our favorite, but the furniture is also carefully selected by us. So in order for cats to develop good habits and protect our furniture from being scratched by them, I think you need tough cat couch protectors for furniture like this, so that cats and furniture can coexist peacefully and we don't have to worry about it.
【🐱Single-sided Tape】 When we tear off the white protective paper and stick it to the furniture, the outer side is not sticky. Only one side of the cat couch protector is sticky, so that the cat will not get stuck on the furniture with the cat scratch protector and cannot escape. Although the cat is accustomed to scratching the sofa, we still cannot hurt it.
【🐱Safe and Friendly】The cat couch protector tape is made of safe and healthy high-quality materials. Even if the cat licks or bites the cat couch protector tape, it will not endanger the health of the cat and can be used safely and securely. The transparent invisible cat couch protector tape blends in with the color of the furniture and can be easily removed without any residual glue.
【🐱Easy to Install】 This set includes three sizes of cat couch protector tape, which can be tailored to the size of your own furniture. Only a few simple steps are required for installation, just peel off the protective paper and stick the anti-scratch protective sticker on the furniture. In addition, you can choose whether to use twisted needles according to your needs.
【🐱Wide Range of Use】 The durable cat couch protector tape can be used on most furniture contact surfaces, such as sofas, chairs, walls, tables, counters, doorways, etc. The most notable thing is that, as with any product on furniture, we recommend testing an inconspicuous small area before applying it to the desired location.