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MYZOO Spaceship Gamma Modern Wood Cat Bed Wall Mounted Open Left Shelf, Oak

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Give your furry astronaut a space that puts them over the moon. With the MYZOO Spaceship Cat Bed Shelf, provide your kitten a bed of their own and prioritize your space and their comfort. Bring your cat wall to life and customize your space to meet all of your furry family member's needs. With a sleek, modern, and fun design, never sacrifice your own style to provide high-quality space in your apartment. Give your cat a lofted point of view and take advantage of all the vertical space in your apartment. With this cat bed shelf, you will have no trouble fitting this spacious mountable bed in your home. Get ready for lift-off and bring a sense of fun to your living room with this spaceship-style cat bed. This cat bed measures 19 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 16 inches tall and accommodates kittens, large-sized cats, and normal-sized cats. Ensure that your pet is comfortable in their new indoor house. With 4 air holes and a wide acrylic window, your kitten will have the ideal perch with a breathable design. Gift your feline favorite with the space they deserve with the MYZOO Spaceship Cat Bed Shelf.

• Easily build and customize your ideal cat wall in your home and gift your kitten some rest with this bed
• Sleek, modern, and fun design brings a focal point to your wall while retaining functionality
• Wall-mounted cat shelf makes for a great space-saving solution for small spaces and apartments
• Join the space fantasy and give your furry astronaut an idyllic lofted lounge
• Transparent acrylic window provides a secure environment by giving your cat a much wider point of view
• 4 air holes on the body create better air circulation and reduce the echo that may occur in a surrounded space
• Spaceship gamma style made to be mounted on the wall, allowing your kitty to be perched viewing from above
• Accommodates kittens, large-sized cats, and normal-sized cats
• Style: Gamma Spaceship
• Weight capacity: 33 pounds
• Material: Plywood
• Color: Oak
• Diameter of entrance: 8.66 inches
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 19 x 16 x 16 inches