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CURRENT USA Serene Aquarium Visual and Audio Aquatic Experience Kit | LED Aquarium Light | LED Background Light | Wireless Remote | Speakers

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  • TRANSFORM YOUR AQUARIUM EXPERIENCE. Watch, listen and experience in new and exciting ways as your favorite colors, sounds and lighting effects fill your aquarium. With Serene, you can transform your everyday aquarium into an extraordinary experience. Combining over the aquarium lighting, background lighting and audio, Serene will appeal to far more than just your visual senses.
  • IT STARTS WITH LIGHT. With a full RGB+W color spectrum and incredibly minimal design, Serene lets you focus your attention on the life you’re lighting - not what you’re lighting with. Ultra-bright LEDs produce eye-popping colors and dynamic IC LED’s produce more natural visual lighting effects. Watch clouds roll horizontally across your aquascape or fall asleep to fading starlight, Serene comes loaded with lighting scenes right out of the box.
  • DISCOVER THE MAGIC OF BACKGROUND LIGHTING. Background lighting fundamentally changes everything. Not only will it change the way you aquascape your aquarium, it enhances your entire aquarium experience. Serene also introduces chromotherapy – using color to change your mood and set the ambience. So if you’re “feeling blue” and need to escape or want to make your fellow fish geek “green with envy,” Serene brings the power of color directly to your fingertips.
  • TUNE IN NATURE’S NOISE. Serene surrounds you with the relaxing sounds of nature, putting you at the center of an outdoor experience. Whether you want to watch and hear an approaching thunderstorm or fall asleep to the sounds of a majestic forest, Serene completely transforms your aquarium experience.
  • EVERYTHING’S HERE Serene is a complete system that includes the all new Serene LED fixture for above the aquarium, an LED light for behind the aquarium, translucent background film material, audio speakers, and a wireless remote.