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Airtag Dog Collar Holder, Silicone Air Tag Dot Collar Holder for Apple Airtags, Dog Collar Light with Glowing Airtag Case, 3 Dog Lights Modes for Night Walking & Camping

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  • Flashing Airtag Holder: 3 LED lights built inside the airtag dog collar holder, making it easy for you and drivers, joggers to see your pet easily in night street, also easy to find them back by using the air tag.
  • Tracking Collar: Put airtag into the protective silicone case, and clip on dog collar or harness, now it's easy to find them back if they jump into bushes or get lost in a chase.
  • Flashing & Glowing: Put the top button to switch flashing modes from Slow/Fast/On. If the battery battery drained, the silicone case will glow in the dark - it's made of fluorescent material.
  • Waterproof & Durable: A sealing layer is designed between the flashing light module and airtag pocket, to make sure the lights work well even in rainy night or dogs jump into water.
  • CR2032 Batteries: The collar light using replacable CR2032 batteries, which is easy to get and replace, lasting 31 hours at max. 2 batteries come inside the package, one installed.