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MACGOAL Automatic Reptile Feeder Reptile Food and Water Dish Bowl Reptile Water Dish with Bottle Tortoise Turtle Water Dispenser for Bearded Dragon Gecko Lizard (Blue)

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  • 2 IN 1 DISH DESIGN: Fresh water can automatically get dispensed from the bottle and food can be placed on the other side of the dish; you can fill the bottle once a week instead of daily;
  • EASY TO USE: Easy setup for beginners and experts, the bottle is removable for easy refilling and cleaning; if you find the water bottle is unstable and does not go on the base properly, please put a rubber ring around the neck of the bottle;
  • This reptile feeder dish bowl is low enough for your small reptiles to access, it is a must-have for a small reptile enclosure, such as yard lizard, turtle, tortoise, gecko, bearded dragon, etc;
  • The bottle is threaded but the dish isn't threaded, the bottle doesn’t screw in, so you can use a different bottle if you want.
  • WE ARE HERE TO HELP: We always stand behind our products, feel free to contact us if you need any help with this automatic waterer for reptiles.