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Linifar Reptile Basking Rock Plate Tortoise Feeding Platform Rock Slate Food Dish Habitat Decor for Bearded Dragon Lizard Crested Gecko Chameleon Snake

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  • 【Multiple Use & Leaf Shape】 Cool in summer and warm in winter. The tortoise can climb and rest on it. You can put some food on the terrace. The rock has a leaf shape with smooth edges. It will not hurt the turtle.
  • 【Grinding Nail】Reptile slate has the function of sharpening nails. Reptile nails are too long. They break easily or interfere with their ability to crawl. Nails have blood vessels inside them, which can cause damage to turtles if manicured artificially.
  • 【Heat Preservation & Preserve Moisture】Spray the surface of the rock slab with water. Spraying water will keep the natural temperature for a certain amount of time, or you can put the rock under a solar lamp and let it absorb enough heat to give your pet more warmth.
  • 【Non-slip pad design】There are four non-slip pads in the slate bottom. Increased its stability. The tortoise steps on it and does not easily move the Slate, making your pet feel more secure.
  • 【Natural Rock】The reptile rock size is 11" x 5.5"(28*14cm), Slate is real rock cutting, non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, hard texture, natural color.When you receive your product and find it damaged, please contact us via Amazon message and we must help you to solve it. Don't worry, we will provide you with perfect after-sales service.