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LEGU Birdcages Metal Bird Playground Playstand Parrot Play Gym with Rolling Stand Feeders and Trays for Small/Medium-Sized Birds-White Birdcage Decor

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  • Suitable for most bird cages, parrot cages, etc., it can be used for your birds indoors and outdoors. Make your birds play happily
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: The accessories for birdcages supply relax spaces for your beloved birds to perch and fun to play. Parts with different shapes and functions allow multiple exercise needs. The toys can relieve boredom, increases activity level, and satisfy the habit of climbing for birds.
  • Equipped with a transparent splash-proof food cup, intuitively observe the remaining food in the cup, and grasp the progress of the pet's eating.
  • Fixed buckle for injection molded transparent food cup. Clamp it securely and intimately, fasten the food cup tightly to prevent the naughty pet from overturning the cup.
  • Injection molding chassis, drawer & chassis can be withdrawn. Observe the accumulation of the chassis visually, making cleaning more convenient.