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High-Grade Reptile Terrariums Neptonion Come with a Heating Lamp, an Abri and an Aquarium Thermometer, Suitable for Most Amphibious Such as Turtle, Chameleon, Frog, Pet Snake, Spider, Dynastes M Size

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  • 👸Very well made Tank Kit : Comes with a UVA/UVB light which adds the natural daylight effect to any aquarium, no matter where you chose to keep it. The kit also includes a stick thermometer and a hide Cave that may be sufficient for your needs.
  • 💪Acrylic Windows : Acrylic is clearer than glass, 17 times stronger and only half the weight. It's more safer around children and other pets.
  • 🏃Easy to Move: Gone are the days of those heavy aquariums made of glass and metal. This Reptile Tank is lightweight, easy to move if needed and durable enough to take along on a trip.
  • 👰Hide Cave : Comes with a tortoise hide cave which can reduces stress from the captive environment and can even help promote healthy levels of activity and appetite.
  • 🏊A built-in Land/Water Area : it gives them a lot of room to swim and also gives land space, so two-thirds of this is water and one-third its land. A ramp is provided in the tub that’s textured for the turtle to climb easily on the land area.