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Hamiledyi Reptile Coconut Shell Hideout 5 Pack Lizard Coco Hut Durable Cave Habitat Jungle Climber Vines Flexible Plants Gecko Tank Accessories Decor for Chameleons Spiders Snakes Climbing Toys

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  • 【5 Pack Reptile Tank Accessories Set】You will get 2 different types of coconut hut, 1 climbing jungle vine, 1 hanging vine leaf, and 1 ivy leaf. A rich variety of reptile tank decoration accessories kit, you only need one set to help you create a natural and authentic tropical jungle environment, satisfying pets' nature like climbing, hiding, and resting.
  • 【Natural Coconut Shell Hut】The coconut hideaway for reptiles is made of natural coconut shell, which is 100% safe, non-toxic and durable. Its unprocessed ingredients are very attractive to your pets and are very suitable for reptiles to sleep in coconut shell shelters. The Lizard Mini Apartment is also very spacious, where small animals can sleep, decompress and explore.
  • 【Flexible Climbing Vines】The climbing rattan is made of PU material, with a smooth surface and durability. The ivy leaves are wrapped around the flexible vines, and 6 suction cups are presented to fix the vines on the tank or aquarium. Reptiles and amphibians are prone to stress, which affects their mood. This habitat decoration kit creates a natural living habitat, allowing your reptiles to be like in nature, and reptiles can enjoy climbing.
  • 【Reptile Habitat Plants Decorations】The vines are made of harmless PU material. The leaves droop naturally, and the fake hanging plants add richness to the decoration of the crawling pet habitat. They create a dynamic environment full of fun hiding places and exciting reptile obstacles.
  • 【Applicable To Reptiles And Amphibians】For insecure pets, a suitable hiding area is very important. Coconut cave can isolate a lot of sound and bright light. It is very suitable for small reptiles and amphibians. Lizards, chameleons, bearded dragons, tree frogs, hermit crabs and snakes will love this hut.