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Exttlliy Parrots Bird Playground Birdcage Playstand Play Gym Parakeet Playpen Ladder with Feeder Cup Bird Toys Swing Chew Toy

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  • Wooden Parrot Playstand Stand: Porrot playstand is made of wood,and all the parts are connected with screws ,not glue.This way,the bird play gym is more sturdy and more stable.
  • Safety and Environmental Protection: Our bird cage play stand is totally handmade,no any toxic materials.The wood bar doesn’t paint poisonous pigment or anything else,just keep natural and original.
  • Size:14.37x10.04x13.78 inch/36.5x25.5x35 cm.Please note,you need to assemble the bird stand by yourself.
  • Awesome playgym for fun: Bird toy is great fun and provides stimulation for your bird mentally and physically.Brightly colored toys appeal to the bird’s strong eyesight capabilities.Bird toy also offers many perching areas and ladder for additional exercise opportunities.When kept as pets parrots need time outside of their cage to play, to exercise and to interact with their human companions.
  • Package includes all the parts of bird stand,including screws,a tray, ladder, swing chewing toy ,and water cups.

Product Description

Exttlliy Bird Playground Parrots Play Stand Wooden Parrot Perch Gym Playpen Parakeet Ladders Exercise For Cockapoo Parakeet Conure Cockatiel

Parrot Playground Gym

Wooden Parrot Playstand Stand

When your birds leave their cages, they need a place to play, this playground provide essential physical activity and reduce aggression & loneliness for your birds.

Perfect size

Size: 14.37 x 10.04 x 13.78 inch (L x W x H)

Birdcage play stand the perfect portable size is suitable for placing on the desk.

A Great Gift For Your Birds

Exttlliy pet bird game rack is a comfortable place for your pets and provides them with additional exercise opportunities, allowing them to play, exercise.

Package Includes

  • Bird stand
  • A tray
  • Chewing toy
  • Food and water cups
  • Ladder
  • Installation manual
  • Screwdriver

Features of our products

2 Birds Food Cups

Made of high-quality stainless steel, rust-proof and crack-proof, easy to clean. It can be used to hold food or water and is embedded on the platform to prevent your birds from accidentally dumping food or water bowls.

Bird Chew Toy

The chewing toys are made of environmentally safe materials, safe and healthy for pets, and suitable for parrots who like to chew.

Stainless Steel Tray

The stainless steel tray can be removed for cleaning and rinsed with water, which is durable.

Screw Assembly

The whole body of the parrot stand is assembled by screws, and includes a screwdriver and a manual. No glue is safe enough for birds

Suitable for Small and Medium Birds

Fits for Parakeets,Lovebirds, African Grey,Conures,Cockatiel,Mini Macaws,Cockatoos,Finch,Canaries, Caique, Budgies and etc.

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