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Emours Reptile Décor Natural Forest Branch Terrarium Wood Aquarium Ornament, 4 Pack

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  • Natural shaped .Ideal for both rainforest and desert terrariums
  • No two pieces are alike. Wood branches vary due to mother nature .Each piece is unique and hand selected, sizes will vary.Diameter approx: 2-4cm/0.8-1.6inch, length approx: 25-40cm/9.8-15.7inch. The different sizes and shapes of the terrarium forest branches provide proper exercise for many reptile species
  • Sturdy, great for reptiles to climb on.Reptiles will love to climb and bask on this material.Great for all arboreal type reptiles and amphibians
  • Authentic natural wood adds realistic beauty.Straight, stout and attractive, light brown driftwood will enhance the appearance of any terrestrial or aquatic environment
  • Long lasting in underwater or arid environments.These natural branches resemble aged hardwood branches are easy to integrate in any natural terrarium set-up