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Echaprey Pet Parrot Playstand Bird Play Stand Playground Wood Perch Gym and Feeder Cups Ladder,Swing Toys, Include Tray

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  • Natural and Non Toxic: Made of natural wood material,firm and environmental protection,safety to chew.
  • Suitable for: Small and medium size budgies parakeet cockatiel conure lovebird.The wood bird stand size is 14.96x9.06x16.14 inch, you can refer to this data before you buy it to see if it is suitable for your birds.
  • Awesome Playgym for Fun: Bird toy is great fun and provides stimulation for your bird mentally and physically. Brightly colored toys appeal to the bird’s strong eyesight capabilities. Bird toy also offers many perching areas and ladder for additional exercise opportunities.
  • Easy to clean: The detachable stainless steel tray is easy to clean, keeping a clean playground for your birds.
  • Ultra Simple Assembly: Please note,you need to assemble this goods by yourself.You will receive the product in parts, please assemble by yourself.