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Ctkcom 2-Pack 150W 110V Reptile Heat Lamp Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter Bulb Pet Lamp,No Harm No Light Infrared Heat Emitter Brooder Lamp for Pet Coop Heater Reptile Chicken Turtle Heat Lighting,Black

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  • 1.✔ No Light Emitted No Harm: Emits a natural “sun-like” infrared heat.This non-light emitting heater bulb offers an excellent 24 hours heat source and will thoroughly heat any reptile without the disturbance of an additional light source.
  • 2.✔ Energy Saving & Longevity: Ni-Cr-Alloy resistance wire heating faster and more energy saving than normal type; Ceramic heat lamp is perfect for high humidity terrariums; lasts up to 20,000 hours. reptile heat lamp is approved by CE classified.
  • 3.✔ Long-term effects: It will also increase the ambient air temperature in the terrarium. Infrared heat penetrates the scales and skin tissue, promoting health and healing as it widens the blood vessels and increases blood circulation.
  • 4.✔ Design: Ceramic heat lamp flat design s more efficient and longer lasting,Perfect for high humidity terrariums 24 hour heat in coops incubator and poultry brooder.
  • 5.✔ Size:Heigh:3.94 Inch (100mm) Diameter:2.95Inch(75mm);E26/E27 socket;Voltage: AC 110-120V; Power: 150W; Material: Ceramic, Metal, NiCrAl.