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Bird Climbing Net Hammock Thicken Chew Toys Habitat Swing Playing Gym Bird Climbing Ladder for Lorikeet Finches Canaries Macaw Bird Cage L

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  • Hammock Habitat Hanging Swing nets Cage Chew Toy
  • Cockatiel Cockatoo Macaw Lovebirds Canaries
  • Playing Gyms Rope Bridge Swing Perch Decor Conure


Material: Made from straw, tightly woven into classic pattern for long time fun and foraging, don't hurt your claws or beak.
Birds Foraging Toy: An designed for your bird to play and climb, Simulate their various experiences in their habits to keep birds happy.
Multifunctional Usage: You can use this as a bridge, ladder or swing to be entertained by little fellows with all their tricks.
Doing Sports: Effectively attract the attention of parrots and let them vent their natural instincts, encourage pets to climb and exercise.
Application: Perfect size to birds. Great for budgerigars, Parrotlets, parakeets, cockatiels, conures, lovebirds, Quakers, Senegalese, and other similarly sized birds.


Color: Brown
Material: Hay

Size Chart:

S: 18cmx18cm/7.09inchx7.09inch
L: 30cmx30cm/11.81inchx11.81inch

Package Includes:

1 Climbing Net


Please allow slightly errors due to manual measurement and different monitors.